Content Area Seminars

Content area seminars will address the competencies for the licensure area you are seeking. There will be overlap between the content areas and the Vermont Licensure Portfolio. For example, Assessment and Lesson Planning will be covered generally in the Core Seminars and more specifically for your certification area in your Content Seminars.

General Seminar Schedule for 22-23 School Year here.

This link will let you know what days will be Core Seminars (Focusing on the VLP and other items for your Peer Review Portfolio) and what days will be Content Seminars (Focusing on Certification Area Competencies).

We will be using Google Classroom for our Content Seminar Organization and your facilitator will send you a link to the Content Seminar Google Classroom.

Competencies for Content Areas

Create a copy of the content area competencies for which you are seeking licensure. Put it into your folder "Competencies for Licensure" in your Peer Review Portfolio.