The GrowVT-Ed Academy is a union-led collaboration between Vermont-NEA, the Vermont Agency of Education, Vermont School Districts, Vermont Rural Education Collaborative (VREC), and Castleton University. The mission of the Academy is to accelerate new teacher growth and their student outcomes through intentional facilitation of relevant content and support, leading to the completion of the Peer Review Licensure Portfolio.

Those seeking special education endorsements without 21 credits in special education, will need to complete some prerequisite work. Click here to view the requirements and download the checklist. Free Praxis II Support (and Praxis Core) through's "Keys to the Classroom" initiative can be found here.

To be invited to the Google Classrooms and receive materials, Register for GrowVT-Ed at the link below.

When you have been approved by your district for the course, register with Castleton at the Castleton link below.

Email Juliette Longchamp if you are interested in joining or learning more about GrowVT-Ed. We are accepting participants on a rolling basis.

Register for Castleton Here.

(The Castleton Course Title is called "Reflective Practice and the Peer Review Portfolio." This is GrowVT-Ed!)